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What Does Plr Mean

What Does PLR Mean? Resell Rights Products Explained

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What are the different types of resell rights licenses?

If you are new to selling products with resell rights, it is very important to make sure that you full understand what each type of license allows you to do. If you don’t follow the rules laid out in the license for a products that you have purchased to resell online, you may find that you quickly run into legal problems with the product creator.

The types of reseller licenses that you will normally come across fall into six basic categories:

• Resell rights – sometimes shortened to RR
• Master resell rights which is sometimes shortened to MRR
• Private label rights which is often known as PLR
• Developer’s licenses
• Agency licenses; and
• Giveaway rights

In addition to this, there’s also public domain content, which is very similar to private label rights, although there’s usually no fee involved when using it.

Standard resell rights licenses are the most common kind of licenses that you will come across, and they’re also normally the cheapest to buy.

With these licenses, the creators usually keep control of the copyright for the product, and they get credited for their work. As the most straightforward type of license, if you’re new to reselling then you might want to consider starting out with a standard resell license, as they’re the easiest to understand and involve the least work.

The other kinds of licenses allow you to do more with the product, although you will often find that they come at a higher price.

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