Why People Are Leaving ALIBABA


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Why People Are Leaving ALIBABA! Alibaba Alternative For Your ECommerce Private Label Business
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”yyX4eTvyx68″ title=”Why People Are Leaving ALIBABA! Alibaba Alternative For Your ECommerce Private Label Business” upload_time=”2017-06-15T02:18:35.000Z” description=”Why People Are Leaving ALIBABA! Alibaba Alternative For Your eCommerce Private Label Business #alibaba #ecommerce #privatelabel My Coaching Program ► CLOTHING” duration=”978″]

Why People Are Leaving ALIBABA! Alibaba Alternative For Your eCommerce Private Label Business
#alibaba #ecommerce #privatelabel

Why People Are Leaving ALIBABA


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  • For people that’s doing business on Alibaba I suggest that you only do business with people that are accepting PayPal don’t ever trust just Western Union or MoneyGram that’s a big red flag

  • Why does everyone who talks about private label on Amazon says to source from Alibaba when we all know they will not accept Chinese invoices? Am I missing something here?

  • Seems like scammers on alibaba. I ordered something and the guy seemed pushy and kinda shady. I asked for my money back and he says he cant its in transit now hes asking for another $200 due to customs

  • Hmm… The difference of a few $$ at source level is unlikely to cause a person to fail.. look at Amazon… people sell the same product at way different prices, same on Ebay.. Etsy , and dozens of other places.. Its not the price you PAY.. its the price you SELL that matters, it comes down to your audience and marketing. Prices change dramatically also.. check out camelcamelcamel.com and see the charts of prices on Amazon and eBay how wild they swing..Get the best price you can for sure, but dont stress about paying a bit higher price just because you cant find the worlds cheapest source. On Alibaba, research your suppliers.. look for Manufacturers rather than sellers.. Thats usually goind to be the cheapest source anyway.

  • Nasty people I hope the muro of Berlin in Germany construcion and you go over there 🐪🐫👳👳👏All you friends

  • I love the video. Quick question though: I want to start my own branded ecommerce website but I don’t want to register it legally yet. That means I can’t have inventory of stock because i would need a local commercial registeration here in BH. How would you suggest I go about it? Fullfilement centers? Dropshipping? Or what exactly?

  • Jordan’s were better quality in the 90’s

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up, Cody. Sticking around for more valuable info and insight

  • Bro stay on task and answer the question you posed in the video title description! Sheesh! You’re all over the place and didn’t do anything but confuse us. Smh

  • Everyone leaves everything that everyone else is doing. Why? Because you can’t make money selling what everyone else is selling on platforms that everyone else is buying on. Ebay is not the same, Amazon is not the same, Alibaba is not the same… every platform gets harder to make money on because people learn their secrets and exploit them.

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  • Hi Tony, if I am a textile print artist who wants to create a clothing line using my own artwork for the prints… is it a bad idea to source through alibaba? Will they steal my artwork? Thanks

  • I’m a Chinese phone accessory supplier, we up to resolved all things for customer buying products from China. we can assure quality 100% with lower price than Alibaba which full of fake products

  • you mention negotiating shipping? any tips on doing that? is there a sure way to double check alibabas shipping price? are private shippers better?

  • you need to work on your graphics for real bruh. that white comic sans with basic black screen just seems lazy and not legit

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