WP Agora5-v2.4

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WP Agora5


WP Agora5-v2.4 responsive eCommerce theme powered by the incredible WooCommerce engine. Sell your products in style. We love it. You’ll love it too.

Agora comes with support for the popular eCommerce WordPress plugin, WooCommerce. WP Agora5-v2.4 with every theme in our catalog, we constantly check that the latest (and most secure) version of WooCommerce will play nice with our themes. See WooCommerce on Agora in action.

WP Agora5-v2.4

WP Agora5-v2.4

Featured product slider

Agora gives you the ability to create a featured product slider for your e-commerce front page template. Star your WooCommerce products and watch them appear on the front page’s slider.



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